Few other flooring materials can convey the timeless beauty and classic style of hardwood flooring. Traditionally produced by flooring craftsmen and finished after installation, standard hardwood flooring involves a specific skill set and heavy effort to produce the best result. However, there’s a new trend in hardwood flooring that involves prefinishing of the flooring components prior to putting them in place. Prefinished hardwood flooring has become the most popular option for do-it-yourselfers and for those who want the beauty of a traditional solid hardwood flooring without the complex installation.

If you’re considering the installation of hardwood in your home or place of business, consider the perks offered by prefinished hardwood flooring in Chicago. Prefinished hardwood is easier, less messy, and less labor intensive to install, which means that you’ll save time and money on labor. Prefinished hardwood flooring also features great uniformity in quality and appearance since it’s created in a factory setting offsite where conditions can be closely monitored and controlled.

If you have your heart set on hardwood floors, make sure you investigate the many benefits offered by prefinished hardwood flooring. Keep reading to learn a few of the perks associated with prefinished wood flooring.

The Look of Hardwood, but Even Better

Prefinished hardwood flooring provides you with the same beautiful, warm natural appearance that is conveyed on your interior space by traditional hardwood flooring. Because the finishes are transparent, the details of the grain will show through, accentuating your décor and creating a marvelous palette upon which the rest of your interior space can be constructed.

In fact, prefinished hardwood can even improve upon the traditional elegance of standard hardwood flooring because the factory-applied finished are superior in their transparency, depth, and overall quality.

You Can Do It Yourself

A traditional hardwood flooring project can be accomplished by a handy homeowner, but the job will be a laborious one. With traditional flooring, once the flooring is down, you’re only halfway done with the project. You still must undertake the even more labor intensive and messy task of finishing the floors. With prefinished hardwood flooring, you can cut your effort in half, since the wood is already finished. Once you put it down, you’re done. There’s no need to do anything else since it’s already finished at the factory.

It’s Less Messy

Even if you have a floor professional install your hardwood flooring, there will be a mess left in the wake of your project. Sanding unfinished hardwood creates a storm of dust particles that will fan out in a plume and settle on every surface in your home or business during the floor finishing process. Once the sanding is finished, the dust will remain until the arduous clean-up task is completed. Only then can the floors be varnished with polyurethane.

That step also leaves room for quite a mess, as polyurethane can drip onto other flooring surfaces and create havoc. And there’s also the noxious odor of the finish to contend with as you complete your project. With prefinished hardwood, you don’t have to worry about any of those factors. There’s no dust and no floor finishing to be done, meaning you can avoid a heavy clean-up load and unpleasant odors after completing your floor installation.

It’s More Durable

Prefinished hardwood flooring takes the margin of error out of the hardwood flooring equation. Because finishes are applied under controlled conditions in a factory setting, prefinished hardwood tends to be a more durable product with a higher grade of finish. That means the finish is more likely to resist routine wear, making it more durable in the long term. Also, the completely sealed surface of prefinished hardwood makes maintenance easier as it resists stains and moisture which can cause discoloration or damage.

If you’ve always wanted hardwood flooring in your home or place of business, consider the many benefits offered by using prefinished hardwood. It’s easier to install, less messy, and more durable, and it allows you to get the timeless beauty of hardwood without the inconvenience.

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