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Being the best Hardwood flooring contractor in Connecticut, Vilas Flooring provides Hardwood floors repair and replacement, hardwood floors installation, sub floor repair & installation, hardwood floor staining, floor sanding & refinishing services and hardwood floor designing. We are successfully delivering professional hardwood flooring services to the customers to all the townships of the states Connecticut, Rhode island, New Jersey, Long Island NY, New York, Westchester NY, Hudson Valley NY, Bridgeport CT, Hartford CT, Massachusetts and Western Massachusetts.

Having your hardwood floor replaced or repaired flawlessly by Vilas Hardwood Floors.

We are experts in installing the hardwood floor who ensure the nice and long-lasting hardwood floor for your house.

Sub Floor is the foundation that provides a solid place for your hardwood to sit for years to come.

We will show you a whole way to refinish hardwood floor, from choosing what colors that suit to your floors.

At Vilas Hardwood Flooring we offer floor sanding & refinishing services for your hardwood floors that will have them shining like new again!

You can also create a floor border that is unique to your space and application by customizing your order.

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from the best Hardwood flooring contractor in Connecticut

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